How and Why to Trim and Prune your Trees

How and why to Trim and Prune your Trees

Why to trim your trees

There are several reasons that could have made you trim your tree. At times you could have done so without having any reason behind it. There are three main reasons why you need to always trim your tree

A form of treatment – You may have noticed some funny or unwanted growth on your trees. The leaves of certain branch may be unique from other leaves. From such observation you will learn that the health of that tree is in doubt. You need to trim the infected branches to prevent its spread to other trees. Branches very close also need to be trimmed. This is to prevent them from falling due to the rubbing. You can also thin the crown of your tree. This aids in the airflow within the tree.  When looking to do tree trimming Livermore you may benefit from consulting with a certified arborist.

Aesthetics – You may wish that your tress to be in certain shapes. You can achieve this by pruning to to shape you desire most. Caution should be taken. Too much trimming is not healthy to the trees since it will damage them.

Safety – your trees may at times cause discomfort in the compound. You may be disturbed by trees touching your roof making you not sleep well. You could still be obstructed by branches while driving home or you have dead trees within your compound. All these may not make your life comfortable as you expect. Tree trimming is the solution to all these distress. You need to trim carefully and smart.

How to trim your trees

Having the knowledge of why you need to trim the trees then you need to do it appropriately. This is being updated on how, when and what techniques to apply.

Knowing the branch sizes – the size of the tree branch is a key determinant in trimming. Before making up your mind to trim know the diameter of the branch. What are the side effects of doing this to the tree? If the branch is larger than ten centimeters then it is dangerous to trim. You can only trim such unless it can endanger your life. Branches with between five to ten centimeters should also not be trimmed unless a clear need is identified. The best branches to trim are those of below five centimeters in diameter. They are easy to trim and have no side effects to the tree.  If you need to do a full tree removal Livermore you should contact a licensed professional.